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Austin Midtown Ambulatory Surgical Center (AMASC)

Statement from Our Founder/President

At Austin Midtown Ambulatory Surgery Center (AMASC), we are dedicated to serving the patients and their respective physicians in Austin and the surrounding communities. AMASC works to continually offer superior service combined with the latest innovations in medicine. Our commitment to quality is among one of our strongest core values and our staff is constantly striving to make each patient experience as enjoyable as possible.



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No, this is not required; however, please bring a list of your current medications including dosage information with you to your procedure.

If you are receiving anesthesia or sedation you must have an adult age 18 or older to drive you home. If you are not receiving sedation or will only receive a local anesthetic, you may drive yourself home.

You will receive a call from our billing team a few days before your procedure to inform you of any payment you may owe. If you do not receive a call from our billing team before your procedure, it may mean that you do not owe anything for the procedure. If you are unsure, please give us a call at 512-992-0027

Yes, if you do not have these items, we will not be able to perform your procedure.

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